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Mending Broken Hearts

A message from Darran Saunders
a mothers promise

“I told Connor that night, when I whispered in his ear, that I will never stop talking about the person you are, your qualities that made everyone who had known you be the best that they could be, because you made a difference.

Grief is not getting over it: it’s learning to live alongside it.  If you choose to, you can be more than the pain.  The pain can not be allowed to define your life.

Each day, no matter how many years pass, grief brings you new challenges.  Grief is an emotion – it’s the love we want to give but cannot.  Grief is not a destination – there is no finish line.  Accepting the love more than the loss is achievable.  There is light in the darkest of places – believe me, I have sat there.

If you are reading this, you have sat there too but you can not stay there.  I promise you, can you do it.  Please don’t be afraid of your grief – don’t be afraid of failing.  I honestly believe that through talking, listening and using the tools The Grief Recovery Method will give you, can can help the pain in your heart.  You will begin to live again – a different kind of living – but you can and will do it.  It takes strength and it comes from overcoming the things that you once thought you couldn’t.

The Connor Saunders Foundation are proud to be listening to those who need healing.  We aim to provide emotional support with 1-1 or group sessions.

My promise to Connor – our Connor who was there for everyone – was that I will never stop talking, helping in his legacy, in his name and his honour.

We choose to be more than pain.  Through our work in his name, we raise awareness on anti violence and by making Sussex heart safe and strong.  We encourage everyone to use their hands to reach out and help, rather than hurt one talk, school, group at a time.  Through this work, his compassion, spirit and character lives on.

Our work comes from the heart, with love.  A families love that will always burn bright.
For life, for love, for Connor”

Darran Saunders
5 is alive

May 2019 : Please join us.  Gentle grieving – let’s talk xxxxx 5 is alive