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Connor is at the heart of our work, with our anti violence talks and training.

Connor’s personality was kind, compassionate and caring – at school, teachers would often put new children by Connor to settle them in, given his personable and considerate character.

We use his traits to encourage students, groups and projects to think about the impact of violence and to use their hands to help, rather than hurt.


Connor was very affected by an incident that involved footballer Fabrice Muamba, who suffered a cardiac arrest in 2012 during a game, that caused his heart to stop beating.  

Luckily for Fabrice, White Hart Lane had right defibrillation equipment and trained people who saved his life.  He is part of the 10 per cent who have access to this.

Connor started fundraising for a defibrillator for his football club immediately and we continue to donate these to schools, projects and clubs following our talks to keep Sussex ‘heart safe’.

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