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Invitation from the Palace 2019

To coin a phrase, we don’t work for recognition here at the Connor Saunders Foundation but it is nice when someone says that our work is worthy of such recognition. 

Every day and every step we take is in Connor’s legacy, striving to make the world a more peaceful place in his name and honour.  So when we received an invitation from Buckingham Palace in support of our work, we felt incredibly proud.

Darran Saunders, Founder states “ The whole experience from the moment we walked up to the front gates at Buckingham Palace was surreal.  I remember thinking as we walked through the main entrance, I have to give thanks to God for Connor’s life.  Looking at my daughter as she walked through the entrance, giving thanks for her, this strong, courageous woman.

As we walked through the gardens, the sense of peace and tranquility was breath taking – even thought there was 6,000 other people there.  It was strange but as a family, the moment felt like ours.  This humbling experience will sit in my broken heart always

Courtney Saunders-Jones states “We were surrounded by greatness in grounds that took your breath away.  There were thousands of people there, all dressed beautifully and lots of our service men and women in full uniforms.  I felt extremely proud (and surprised) that I was amongst them.  

It was a really honour to be there and a day I will never ever forget.  I stood there at one point looking at the palace over the end and I had a moment where I thought – how are we here?  Then I remember why – Connor!  Everything we do is for him and because of him.  For life, for love, for Connor

Our work, inspired by Connor, continues to make Sussex heart safe, promoting love and peace wherever we go and we were grateful and humbled to have this work recognised at such a prestigious event.  We’d also like to thank all our supporters, donors, volunteers, companies, schools and colleges who have joined our peaceful revolution over the years who support us for recognition events like this.

And to those who put us forward for these honours, well, you know we don’t like talking about them or ourselves but we thank you for your belief in us, for the work we do and for the mission we continue in Connor’s name.

5 is alive xxxxx