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Trusts & Foundations

Together, we can do so much

Charitable trusts and foundation are invaluable to us here at the Connors Saunders Foundation, allowing our peaceful message to be promoted across Sussex and help change the perceptions of the children who receive our anti-violence message.

We are a small, family run organisation and every penny counts. Together, with your thoughtful funding and investment in our programmes, we can work towards a peaceful future.    Our flexible approach means that whatever kind funding is offered – be it one off grants, specific programme funding or more longer term investment over a number of years – we can work with you in partnership.

If you are a trustee looking to support a local, community organisation or from a Foundation who would like to hear more about what we do, we’d love to hear from you.  Please get in touch at and we’ll arrange a convenient time to meet and work out how we can work together, for the better of the community.