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Connor’s continued impact

So when you are at the park, and the school nearby has been made heart safe and the children come out shouting “Connor” because they have seen the car.

It reaffirms no matter how hard it gets or how many years pass, we will never stopraising awareness about how senseless acts of violence.

One Punch can and does kill. Choices you make define your life.

We choose to make the heart of the community safe through defibrillators, because it started with Conor wanting his football club to be heart safe.

By explaining about Connor’s character, we can show that it is cool to be kind.  We talk about how Connor was always looking to do the right thing.   We talk about how important being kind to one another is the right thing to do.   We talk about how at our worse moment, Connor signing the Organ Donor register gave us hope that good had to come from bad.

We will always be grateful for what Connor has taught us and give thanks to Rockinghorse Children’s Charity for their continued belief, support and love in our work.

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