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You’d like to help us?  GREAT!  Here’s a little pack to help you get started!

​Seriously, we need people like you to help us make Sussex heart safe.  Whatever you decide to do for us, we really can’t thank you enough for thinking of us and joining forces together.

Connor Saunders Foundation Fundraising Pack 2019 If you’re looking for inspiration and a little bit more on what you help will do, download this pack and settle down with a steaming cup of tea to read.  Then, while you are brimming with inspiration and enthusiasm, write down a couple of things you could do (along with some willing people to help make it happen!) and then – ta da – you’re on your way to fundraising for us!  Good luck!

Get in touch

Like a hand to get started?  Got a question you’d like to ask?  Want to run past the most exciting fundraising idea EVER?  We’d love to hear from you – email us and let’s get fundraising!