Monday 10th March 2014

Coaching in Schools

We as Connor's Family are so incredibly proud of Connor's Foundation and what it does, it warms our broken hearts that we are able to provide TWO specail schools WEEKLY with coaching sessions. We are eternally greatful to our coach Tony Coade for all he does here is a description of what he does during the sessions:


"Over the past year, the Connor Saunders Foundations various funding opportunities have allowed UEFA B Coach Tony Coade  to offer free coaching for disabled children and children on the ASD spectrum  in schools across the South East. Tony also  holds a FA  qualification in Disability football. Our usual session last approximately an hour and ensures that it is adaptable for all levels of participation. For children with autism and other disabilities, football is one of the best team sports to attempt, since it is fairly simple and doesn’t require a lot of equipment.

Playing football and other sports, exercising, and developing motor skills are areas that are often overlooked and under appreciated when it comes to therapy for children with autism. Sports and exercise can even improve social and cognitive skills for children with autism. Most importantly, football and other sports are fun. Tony is fully aware of the interventions and adaptations that maybe need to assist your child in enjoying football and is undertaking Continued Professional Development to  assist his experience with this. The Connor Saunders Foundation will be working hand in hand with schools and the local communities offering coaching sessions free of charge for your child or school. Many children with specific needs cannot fully integrate within mainstream football clubs, our aim is to provide qualified football coaching to all children whatever their level of football is. Inclusion in sport can assist with Social Interaction Inclusion in adaptive sports programs enables your child to develop social skills. You will likely see improvements in his/ her general motor skills, strength and endurance as well."



All in all we have been lucky enough to coach at three schools so far! We are continuously in two at the moment. Here is what two members of staff from each school has to say about the coaching we provide:



"The Football training with the Connor Saunders' Foundation is, without doubt, the most popular module offered to our children during the week.

The training has been an excellent opportunity for our young people to firstly, get some exercise, but equally is to learn that teamwork and fun that are fundamental aspects of  participating in the training and the games played each week.

The coach, Tony, is skilled at understanding the needs of our vulnerable children, with praise, advise and constructive criticism when and where necessary.  (Sadly I must however point out that Tony incorrectly gave me a yellow card and on one occasion, he sent me off!!)
The children we work with are vulnerable, many challenged with complex needs, however all are treated as important valuable and respected members of the team.

I have been so impressed with the work by the Connor Saunders' Foundation, I have recommended them to the Pupil Refereal Units in Brighton and Hove, as well as independent organisations working with vulnerable adults across Brighton and Hove."


"Tony is amazing and a real asset to the charity. I cant find the words to say just how good he is. we are very lucky to live close to your mum and dad or the conversation about getting into special needs schools would never have happened. I cant think of a time when a ' garden fence' chat has bought about such an amazing transformation in our kids. thankyou so much for working so hard in Connors honour. he must be so proud of you all."


The above is ALL thanks to you our supporters it is because of you and your donations that we are able to do the above and will continue to do so as long as we can. We hope to be able to provide more schools with the above coaching in the future.


This is certainly making Connor's Soul Shine!


Love & Blessings

Courtney, Darran, Shaun, Callum, Ash, Courtney Lew & All the family xxxxx 5 is Alive


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