Wednesday 5th February 2014

Connors5 in Swansea

Things that have gone on, and are going on in Swansea for Connor, and his foundation is as follows:

There have been 2 fundraising nights so far, the first was helped out by one of Connors best friends, Frankie Cocozza, and also Craig Gallivan from the TV series "Stella" where we had live music, raffle, and a auction. This particular night raised around £1300 which is enough to purchase a defibrillator.

The second night was put on by a young girl called Chloe who was inspired by Connors story, she put on a small event that raised around £250 respectively.

Taking into consideration that Connor was not from Swansea, the impact in which he has had on the surrounding areas can not be underestimated. I started up a project called "Connors helping hand" which is structured talks explaining the dangers, impact and consequences of 1 punch murder. To date, the talks have been held in comprehensive schools, colleges, universities, Youth offender institutes, and also Parc prison in bridgend. The feedback from each venue has been staggering, even to the point of it being said that these talks have been the most inspiring, impacting and thought provoking they have ever heard, which comes as no surprise to me, because it pays testament to who Connor is, and what he stands for. There are also allot more talks in the pipeline, to help carry on the message of saving many families the pain in which we have suffered.  His love, care, affection, gentleness and kindness continues to help and save lives.

His loving uncle xxxxx

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