Tuesday 19th November 2013

Connors' St John AWARD

This afternoon Dad, Mum, Courtney and myself went to St John HQ to be presented with an award for Connor for Organ Donation. We were truly honoured to be in a room full of such amazing people.

Connor's specialness, uniqueness and brightness just cant be put into words. He continues to spread his joy and love and that is all because of who he is! People keep recognizing Connor and it is truly deserved for the person he is! To say we are lost without him is an understatement, he lit up our worlds and hearts every single day! Well done to our Angel and Hero. He is a true Inspiration to all!

Another award for our Connor, your soul is shining bright Con! We continue to burst with pride.

Love & Blessings to all

Courtney xxx 5 is Alive

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