Thursday 27th September 2012

5 is Alive CD for CONNORS COURT


PARC (Play Areas in Rottingdean Committee), are launching their second compilation music CD, in collaboration with Producers Gary Redding of Rockingdean Studio and Dublin born actor Patrick Bergin.

"5 is Alive" has been produced in memory of Connor Saunders who lost his life in a senseless violent act in Rottingdean earlier this year. The album, of 15 tracks of original music written and performed by local artists, will be sold in aid of "Connor's Court", a new Multi-Use Games Area, (MUGA) to be installed on Rottingdean seafront.

There will be an exclusive preview of the CD as well as live performances of original music by artists featured on the album.

Through the ages, people have always turned to poetry and music to try and express profound experience. Art helps us to share the understanding of the impact of tragedy and lifts us to a place that gives meaning to random senseless acts. It has been said that communities rich in arts and sport are more likely to be peaceful. There is nothing that lifts the spirit, and warms the heart more than the sound of children happily at play, content in the present moment and free.

This album is a testament to community spirit that rises to the challenge of taking inspired action in the face of great tragedy. A faith in a future where a tragedy like this can be avoided and where young people will have places to be free, to express themselves, and above all to play.

CDs are £7.00 all proceeds going towards CONNOR'S COURT. If you would like to purchase a CD you can soon purchase it when our shop goes live on Connor's website which should be next week!

Love to you all xxxxx 5 is Alive


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