Thursday 20th September 2012

Connor's Nomination!!

We are bursting with pride to announce that Connor and his foundation have been shortlisted and nominated for the HEART SAFE LIFE SAVER OF THE YEAR. Connor is such an inspirtation to all and our true Hero, always has been!

At just 19 years of age it just goes to show what an amazing, incredible, inspiring young man Connor is! He saved 5 lives and will continue to save so many more! Our Angel! 

The UK Heart Safe Awards, supported by the defibrillator industry, are our first awards to celebrate organisations and employers who invest in creating Heart Safe environments as well as the acts of individuals who have saved lives while at work or leisure. A Heart Safe environment is one where life-saving equipment and training are provided for staff or customers so that, should a sudden cardiac arrest occur, people are fully prepared to perform resuscitation and life support immediately.

Hand on Heart’s aim is to teach children to save lives and get life saving defibrillators into schools. Holding the first UK Heart Safe Awards will allow the celebration of those who have already invested in this life saving equipment and increase awareness of the charity and its goal, as well as fundraising for the charity.

Connor, As your big sister I can not begin to tell you or express to you just how proud I and we all are of you! We always knew how special you were and I am so greatful that I told you just how much I loved you and how proud I was of you! In life you brought so much joy to so many, you have saved 5 lives after becoming a donor at just 16 and now because of your Foundation you will save so many more! You are a true Hero and Inspiration! You are what we look upto and inspire to be like, but we will never be as wonderful as you - you are one of a kind, and oh the best kind!  


Take a look at the link above to see Connor's nomination an more info on UK Heart Safe Awards 2012. A you can imagine so so many were put forward for these awards and Connor was shortlisted - what an achievement! Well done Con, just incredible!!

5 is ALWAYS alive xxxxxx

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