Sunday 15th July 2012

Blessed to have you xxxxx

To my little Brother, from the moment me and your sister starting going out i knew what a special fella you are, kind, funny, polite, generous, caring and always a pleasure to be around - all this at just 14 years old. As the past 5 years flew by you turned into the man you are today, still beeming with all the qualities you had as a 14 year old. This whole situation still feels completely unbelievable and i still feel you are going to turn up back at home any day now and this will all be such a horrendous dream. The time i spent with you on the football pitch, on hoilday with the family or just having a laugh at your house with the family was all a massive honour-as you bud are one of a kind! I am extremely thankful and honoured to call you my little Brother, as you and Callum will always be my little Brothers and I will look out for him like you always did. I miss you every minute of every day and life without you will never be the same, the memories i have will be passed down to Stan and you will live forever with us where ever we may be. Love you always my little Brother - your Big Brother In Law x x x x x 5 is alive

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