Wednesday 11th July 2012

Mothers Love xxxxx

To my darling Flocks
Words can not express the love i have for you, from the moment i held you in my arms i knew how very special my life was going to be with you in it. My world became better, and our family was now complete. The love, compassion and caring i learnt from you made me a better person. Every single moment shared with you was a blessing. I remember your 1st day a pre school how you hated it because mummy wasnt there, so i got a job there just to be near you, school trips, swimming classes, reading with your class all so i could be close to you. I loved watching you grow into the person you have become, being a friend to everyone no matter what age. You never judged anyone, you always listen and never made a comment until you were asked and then you would speak and we would all listen because you were the one who made sense of it all. I have never felt pain and emptiness like this before and i know i will never be the same person i was before BUT because of you and how you lived and loved life and then gave life, i will try my hardest, i will find the strength to make you proud of me. To shout from the heavens thats my Mum. I am so very proud of you, you taught me so many life lessons thank you, and thank you for being you.I love you so very much always have, always will. Until we meet again stay with me I need you more than ever. See you in my dreams xxxxx 5 is alive. love Mama xxxxx

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