Thursday 29th September 2016

Working in Partnership with Rockinghorse

We are truly humbled and proud to announce that next year as Rockinghorse celebrate their 50th year and us our 5th, we will be working in partnership with them as they generously donate to us 20 defibs for 20 schools locally in 2017.


They are an incredible charity  that do amazing things in our community and have done for the last almost 50 years :) We will be working closely with Analiese, Ryan and their team and we can't wait. 


We as a family cant begin to put into words how thankful we are to them and we have cried many tears over their kindness and generousity. As you will know they have helped us over the last 18 months with Defibrillators locally and now to know that next years Defribrillators will be donated to us is just breathtaking. 


We have now donated 39 Defibrillators since we started back in 2012 which is just fantastic to know that there are 39 places that are now heart safe thanks to Connor and his Foundation. Now thanks to Rockinghorse by the time we finish 2017 we wouldve donated over 60 Defibs - WOW!!!!


Also for those that know us know how important the number 5 is to us and there are many signs we get with this number, letting us know Connor is still working his magic and here with us.So at our meeting with Analiese and Ryan we are all noticed the 5's - Rockinghorse are 50, we are 5 and next year we will present our 50th defib - we know Connor has hand picked Analiese and her team for us and they truly are walking angels.


Can't thank them enough, its going to be a BIG year with lots of BIG events and we cant wait to continue our work with them making our children's communities heart safe.


Love & Blessings 


Saunders Family and all at CSF

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