77th Defib to AntiFreeze Centre

We as a charity have decided we would like to help other organisations and communities aswell as schools and football clubs. So today we presented the charity Off The Fence with a defib for their homeless shelter called Anti Freeze. Such an amazing charity and centre.

76th Defib to Carden Primary School

We are delighted Carden have become heart safe thanks to Connor xx

75th Defib to Cornfield Primary School

Mum and I traveled to Little Hampton to make this lovely school heart safe.

74th Defib to South Malling Primary

South Malling in Lewes are now heart safe.

73rd Defib goes to Cottesmore St Mary's Catholic School

First defib of 2018 went to Cottesmore Catholic Primary.

72nd Defib to Lyndhurst Infants

The last defib of 2017 went to Lyndhurst Infants in Worthing.

71st Defib to St Margarets Primary

A local school to us became heart safe today, St Margarets in Rottingdean.

70th Defib to St Bernadette's School

St Bernadette's School became the 70th school to receive a Defib and become heart safe.

69th Defib to Monnoe School

Mum & I travelled to Wales to present the wonderful Monnoe School with a Defib. We spent the morning with them and they all took on Connor's Challenge.

68th Defib to Whytemead Primary

Whytemead Primary becomes heart safe.

67th Defib to Broadwater Primary

Broadwater Primary in Worthing become heart safe.

66th Defib to Saltdean Football Club

Saltdean Football Club which Connor's brother-in-law plays for became heart safe today and was presented the defib from Connor's brother Callum. A defib close to our hearts.

65th Defib to Springfield Infant School

We had a lovely afternoon with Springfield Infant School with all year 2s and teachers signing Connor's Challenge - to be kind.

64th Defib to Buckingham Park

Buckingham Park Primary in Shoreham become heart safe.

63rd Defib to Palatine Primary

We had a wonderful afternoon in Palatine Primary and we are so glad they are now heartsafe.

62nd Defib to Ringmer Primary

We are so delighted this wonderful school is now heart safe.

61st Defib to Coombe Road School

Lovely school is now heart safe.

60th Defibrillator to Molly's At The Beach

We were delighted to place one here down on Rottingdean Seafront, just along from Connor's Court. The community are now hear safe.

59th Defib to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

This lovely school in Haywards Heath became heart safe today, we are delighted.

58th Defibrilator to Mile Oak School

We were delighted to make Mile Oak heart safe.

57th Defibrillator to Benfield Primary

Benfield Primary School is now Heart Safe.

56th Defibrillator to Thorney Island Primary School

We went to Thorney Island School, this school is a community Primary located on Baker Barracks a remote secure Army base near the village of Emsworth. The children that attend come predominantly from the Forces with either one parent or both serving our Country. We were in awe of all those listening about Connor so attentively from students as young as 5 to 11, Culture Hero's (the teachers) to Life Hero's our Armed Forces.

55th Defibrillator St Martin's Primary School

St Martin's CE Nursery & Primary School in Brighton became heart safe.

54th Defibrillator to Wave Seahaven

Seahaven in Seaford are a Wave Leisure Centre, we worked with them to help them purchase this Defib.

53rd Defibrillator to Westdene Primary

Westdene Primary becomes heart safe.

52nd Defibrillator to St Peter's Community Primary School

We visited the wonderful St Peters to make them heart safe.

51st Defibrillator to St Pauls Primary

St Pauls in Brighton were made heart safe.

50th Defibrillator to St Marks Primary School

WOW! Our 50th Defib was given out today to the lovely St Marks Primary school

49th Defib to Moulscoombe Primary School

Another local primary school became heart safe

48th Defibrillator to Hangleton Primary School

Hangleton Primary School became heart safe.

47th Defibrillator to Eastbrook School

We visited the lovely Eastbrook primary school to make them heart safe

46th Defib to Dorothy Stringer

We visited Dorothy Stringer High School to present them with a defibrillator.

45th Defibrillator presented to Bramber Primary School

Such a wonderful welcoming school Bramber is, we are delighted they are now heart safe thanks to Connor. 5 is Alive

44th Defib to City Link College

Humbled to make this school heart safe.

43rd Defib to Downsview

This school is very local to us and we have worked with them in the past with our coaching so we are delighted they are now heart safe.

42nd Defib to Peacehaven Heights

Peacehaven Heights became heart safe both sites (infant and juniors) will be accessible to this defib.

41st Defib to Patcham Juniors and High School

We made these two schools heart safe today, amazing.

40th Defib to Kings High School

Delighted to make this wonderful secondary school heart safe and to see the pupils signing to do a random act of kindness.

39th Defibrillator to Coldean Primary School

Another school in Brighton became heart safe today.

38th Defibrillator to St Nicolas CE Primary School

This lovely school became heart safe today.

37th Defribillator to Hillside School

We are extremely proud that Hillside School are now heart safe.

36th Defibrillator to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School

We are delighted that Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School is now heart safe, this school is so close to our hearts as Connor's nephew Stanley attends here.

35th Defibrillator to St Peter's Catholic School

What a delightful school St Peter's Catholic School is, we are delighted they are now heart safe.

34th Defibrillator to Denton Community Primary School

We are so proud to make Denton Primary heart safe, this was a extra special one as one of the TA's son played football alongside Connor. Delighted to have given them a Defib.

33rd Defibrillator to St Mary's Catholic Primary School

We proudly presented St Mary's Catholic School Heart Safe

32nd Defibrillator to Peter Gladwin Primary School

Peter Gladwin Primary School is now heart safe because of Connor. We were in the presents of a real life Hero Mrs Kidman. One very special little boy Harrison. Harrison's very grateful parents Alex and Rachel. A a very grateful deputy head. A very humbling morning. God bless you Connor the key to Immortality is first living a life worth remembering

31st Defibrillator to Saltdean Primary

Saltdean Primary became heart safe and we are delighted to make this local school heart safe.

30th Defibrillator to PACA

Portslade Aldridge Community Academy became heart safe

29th Defibrillator to Chyngton Primary School

Chyngton Primary school in Seaford is now heart safe :)

28th Defibrillator to St Mary Magdalene Primary

St Mary Magdelene School in Bexhill is now heart safe.

27th Defibrillator to Swiss Gardens School

So proud and delighted to be able to make Swiss Gardens Primary Heart Safe, we took our trustee Tracy with us as this school holds a very special place in her heart.

26th Defibrillator to Varndean Secondary School

We were delighted that Varndean (a local secondary school) is now heart safe thanks to Connor and his foundation

25th Defibrillator to Seahaven Academy

Seahaven Academy in Newhaven are now Heart Safe

24th Defibrillator to Northease Manor

Northease Manor School received a Defib and the students enjoyed the first aid sessions.

23rd Defib to Middle Street Primary School

Middle Street Primary are now safe thanks to Connor. They were extremely welcoming and the day was made very special as the dep head teacher used to teach Connor.

22nd Defibrillator goes to Southwick Football Club

This was a very special presentation for us as we were able to provide both teams with a Defib, we felt and feel extremely blessed we could have done that. All for the love of Connor. Another 2 clubs are heart safe.

21st Defib goes to Haywards Heath Football Club

This was a very special presentation for us as we were able to provide both teams with a Defib, we felt and feel extremely blessed we could have done that. All for the love of Connor. Another 2 clubs are heart safe.

20th Defibrillator goes to Wave Leisure Peacehaven

We were delighted to be able to provide Wave Leisure Centre in Peacehaven with a Defib, this is a must in a place like this so we were delighted we could help.

19th Defibrillator goes to Elm Grove Primary School

Elm Grove Primary School in central Brighton received our defibrillator and package, a great school that is now heart safe.

18th Defibrillator goes to Patcham Youth Football Club

This was our first Youth Football Club to receive a Defib from CSF and we are delighted all those children are now heart safe.

17th Defibrillator to St Lukes Primary School

We presented St Lukes Primary with a Defib on 15th June which made this our 17th defib to date locally. They are now heart safe!

16th Defibrillator goes to Thomas A Beckett Middle School

We were delighted to be able to make Thomas A Beckett Heart Safe it is a fab school and our Courtney Lew enjoyed her time working there. Thank you to all staff for making us so welcomed.

15th Defibrillator given to Rudyard Kipling Primary School

Rudyard Kipling Primary School in Woodingdean

14th Defibrillator to Telscombe Cliffs CP School

Defibrillator given to Telscombe Cliffs CP School in Peacehaven

13th Defibrillator in Cradle Hill CP School

Defibrillator in Cradle Hill CP Primary School, Seaford

12th Defibrillator in Gowerton Comprehensive School

We proudly presented our first school with a Defibrillator.

Coaching In Schools

We are so delighted to announce that we are now in LVS School in Hassocks doing our football coaching. Where students are diagnosed with learning difficulties such as Asperger's, autism and related conditions.

Presentation of 11th Defibrillator

Three Bridges receive our 11th Defibrillator

Presentation of 10th Defibrillator

Corinthian Casuals receive our 10th Defibrillator

Presentation of 9th Defibrillator

Guernsey FC receive our 9th Defib

Presentation of 8th Defibrillator

Shoreham FC receive our 8th Defib

Advocates for Live Life Then Give Life

Connor's Mum & Sister become Advocates for Organ Donation Charity

Coaching In Schools

Providing weekly coaching at Downsview School in Woodingdean

Presentation of 7th Defibrillator

Newhaven FC receive our 7th Defib

Presentation of 6th Defibrillator

Pagham FC received our 6th Defib

Presentation of 5th Defibrillator

Burgess Hill receive the 5th Defibrillator

Coaching In Schools

Football Coaching in Cedar House School

Coaching In Schools

Providing professional football coaching in Downs Link Varndean

Presentation of 4th Defibrillator

Lancing FC got the 4th Defib from Connor's Foundation

Presentation of 3rd Defibrillator

Third Defibrillator was presented to Crawley Down FC

Presentation of 1st & 2nd Defibrillator

We proudly gave out our first two Defibs to Peachaven FC and Whitehawk FC.